Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Snow! I have made it into work today and am hoping to make it back too! At least I can watch the fluffy white snow from a lovely warm office. It is coming up to the end of term and I am hoping none of my classes are cancelled as I have coursework deadlines and lots of work to do.

Last week I worked at the Design Your Future event, it was great to see all these creative people deciding what to do with themselves. It was interesting for me to see other examples of Animation undergraduates on the university stands also. I am jealous of the students at Lincoln who get to visit Pixar during their degree – how cool is that! Obviously my degree is good too but I would like a field trip.

I saw two films over the weekend; I went to a preview of Megamind on Saturday and to see Due Date on Sunday. Megamind is funny and comfortable to watch with good jokes expected of the genre. According to my more knowledgeable friend there are some amusing comic book references the most obvious being when Megamind pretends to be Titan’s “Space Dad” – you’ll have to see the movie to understand that sentence.

If you liked The Hangover, you’ll like Due Date. There may be a small dog rather than a baby, but there is still Zach Galifianakis (yes I went on Google to find out how spell that) and Robert Downey Junior is very funny. So if you like this kind of movie do see it, it’s a little bit surprising with moments where you cringe just knowing something of going to go wrong but it has heart warming moments too.

The countdown to Christmas continues as it is now less than a month, so start ordering the presents it is December in a couple of days! The downside to Christmas is the pure expense, buying presents and going out with friends. On a student budget you have to try and think smart (which I am still attempting to do). So watch your bank balances but also try and have fun!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Oh Well, Keep Going...

38 days until Christmas as I am writing this! I started buying my Christmas Presents this week; I can’t believe December is almost upon us. I know I always proclaim about how time flies but it really is going too fast for me at the moment. I am even sitting at work thinking I would like the day to slow down as I have things to do!

I am going to be in a film. No, it’s not that exciting; it is just a piece of coursework for some cinematography colleagues and not my first time in front of the camera for the same reason. I don’t mind it but it is a bit embarrassing knowing that my lecturers will be watching me in a video to mark it. Hopefully it won’t get outside the university, although of course despite my acting the cinematography will be very apt. I am actually quite excited about my own shoot on Monday as I really like the script we are working with.

As the hype about how terrible the economy has seemed to be dying down, I wondered if maybe young people could start being optimistic about the future again. But sadly my hopes have been crushed as I have had people close to me start taking pay cuts and losing positions. It makes me worry about what my opportunities will be when I leave university. It is all very well to be optimistic in the middle of my degree still seeing that I have more to learn and time to plan what to do, but one wonders if all the planning and effort in the world will come off. However, I feel I have no option but to just try and wish everyone the best!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Babies are Weird

I said that time was flying last week and I still feel the same, it’s week eight of a thirteen week term! I am knuckling down to more coursework December and January are the big deadline times. I remember last year having three pieces of coursework all due in same week ending in my twenty first birthday. That was a hectic one with only two in four nights sleep if I remember rightly. You of course should not leave it that late to be rushing things off, and I have learnt now that I never want to go through that again!

This weekend I went to two fireworks parties, I do like fireworks. A lot of the conversation though was all about babies, there was one in the room as well. I felt a little out place as I have to say I think new babies are a bit strange, and there is always that nightmare of alien with it bursting out of the woman’s stomach. Perhaps I am just not yet maternally in tune being twenty one but some of these women were only five years older than me. Will I one day be cooing over a wrinkly pink really tiny person? Knowing how these things come back to get you later – probably.

How soon should Christmas come? It’s November now but there are a few places that have had their decorations up for a while now. When I grew up my mum forbid me from talking about Christmas until December, probably because she did not want to think about how many presents she still had to buy. I am one of the awful unorganised who quickly try and get something before I see each person; it always seems to be a last minute rush! All the same I love the shiny decorations and a reason to catch up with everybody even if the presents are a pain. But my favourite thing has to be the lights and windows in central London.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Time Flies

Things have been so busy lately, very good but very busy. Since I last blogged I have been to Colchester Zoo, seen Train (“Hey, Soul Sister”, “Drops of Jupiter”) in concert at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire and taken my first trip on the London Eye.

I have been to Colchester zoo a few times before; I prefer it to London Zoo because it has Elephants which are one of my favourite animals. Although I did not realise that there was a train that goes past the wolves that I had never been on, so I rectified that.

Train were brilliant in concert even though I only knew two songs of theirs. It was raining when I went on the London Eye so it was not the best trip ever (and a little extortionate!) it also involved an embarrassing incident of ending up in a family’s souvenir photo.

Fitting things in, when you are having a busy work or social life can be a challenge. You have to make sure that you are not only playing hard but working hard on your uni work as well. Recently I have been very busy at weekends and some evening so I have had to ramp up the time I give over to uni work as well to make sure I stay on top of things. The work load is a little ramped up in the second year as well, as may be expected of course. The important thing is that the work is enjoyable because I like my subject as well as there being more work it gets more interesting and involved as well.

I am looking forward to fireworks night; I love bright lights and colours. I also love fluffy animals, I have never had a pet of my own so I adore other people’s pets (unless it’s a tarantula!) and I believe there are due to be at least three dogs happy for attention at the party I will be attending on Saturday!