Friday, 17 September 2010

Pay Phones, Old Friends and Food

I have spent all of this week at work but I have also found time to get out and about. We have moved offices back from the Greenwich campus to Avery Hill. It means getting up earlier but it also means that we have windows and a change of scenery and that is not to be looked down upon.

On Monday night Bryony and I went to meet our friend and his new girlfriend at London Bridge Station. Unfortunately the Northern Line was delayed so we spent the best part of an hour standing in London Bridge Mainline Station. We stood by the pay phones to keep out of the way of the commuters that were rushing past.

For some reason I had never thought that people would ring payphones, but I suppose it has a number just like any other phone, so as we stood there the phone next to me started to ring. Immediately you think of spy movies or more recently Sherlock Holmes on the BBC. So for the hell of it I picked it up, and bizarrely enough spent a good five minutes talking to someone who knew nothing about me apart from that I was the kind of person who would answer a public. I am not necessarily promoting this practise, and certainly don’t disclose personal details to strangers. However, it brightened up a dull hour waiting for some friends.

Last night I went out to bar Fifty Five in Camden, whose two for one cocktail happy hour is quite deadly. It was very good to see two old friends that I had not caught up with in a few months. I also had my first experience of Wagamamas that night. But I have to admit it was not necessarily a good one, but this is in consideration of the fact that I don’t like Chinese or Japanese food at all. I am on the side of Indian when it comes to takeaway through and through.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


I had a lovely time in Scotland, I really like Aberdeen. It’s probably because I think it's matching grey granite facade is aesthetically pleasing rather than grey and dull. They also have some lovely new shops opened including the shopping centre Union Square, with stores to rival Oxford Street. More importantly than nice shopping it was lovely to see my Aunt and Uncle, and it was just nice to have a break from the stresses of everyday life.

I had a dose of the countryside also on my mini-break. I took a nice walk with my Aunty to the nearest village and we enjoyed the nicest pasta dish I have ever had. I tried to recreate it last night but I think it still needs work. We also enjoyed a meal at an Indian restaurant in Aberdeen which is very nice and at John Lewis, potato wedges and tomato soup:).

I also had a weekend filled with good movies as we watched my DVD of The tale of Desperaux which I hadn’t yet watched (I saw it in the cinema when it originally came out). We also went to see Shrek Forever After in 3D at the Cineworld in Union Square. We were the only people in the cinema but we still sat in our assigned seats, so well behaved. The film was very enjoyable if you like Shrek and you aren’t bored of it yet, although it was good I don’t think it lived up to the first or second ones, but I did prefer it to the third.

On the downside some teenagers on the bus from inverurie off to start college ruined the final of Young Dumb and living off Mum for me. Well, perhaps they saved me an hour of my life.