Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Twenty Two

I have to say I am enjoying 2011 so far. Now my last coursework rush is over I am being very careful to try and stay ahead of myself. It was my birthday yesterday, I was sad on Sunday that it was my last day of being 21, my last ‘enviable’ age. On the upside being 22 is looking to be a nice time, I have lots of lovely things to keep me busy and I am still in my second year, so I don’t have to panic about jobs too much yet.

I do like to review things; recently however my television addiction has been How I Met Your Mother. I have seen a couple of episodes on television but never intended to watch it, now I got the seasons 1-5 box set in the January sale and I am enjoying it very much. It is a really good, light hearted and funny watch; guaranteed to get you in a good mood.

The other thing I have been watching is the Shrek Quadrilogy. I really like the Shrek films with their great style, animation and humour. It is a shame that their popularity somewhat dwindled after the first two films. I saw one and four in the cinema and two on DVD. I had thought I had seen number three but when I watched the DVD I found I had not seen it at all! I got the box set for Christmas and have enjoyed rewatching them all, having somewhat of a Shrek Marathon. Do not write off three and four, they may not be Toy Story 3 but they are still good.

I am going to see Black Swan tonight, a departure from my recent jolly viewings; however my cinematography teacher recommended it as we are studying lighting. Also I am fond of ballet and it is one of the highly thought of films of the moment along with The Kings Speech (which was partly filmed at our Greenwich Campus). So hopefully by next blog I will have seen them both and I will let you know what I think.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

New year, new challenges

It’s a new year and that is always nice. Some things are new, some things are the same and others are looming. But it’s all good fun. I really enjoyed my Christmas holiday; I did lots of nice things. Saw friends, went out for meals, and played far more badminton than I could possibly have anticipated. I got way too many Christmas presents I feel thoroughly spoilt but also have no idea where to put them I have way too much stuff already.

I enjoyed a five day excursion to Centre Parcs, having not been there since the age of approximately seven in was a mixture of novelty and fond memories. The rapids are still fantastic, but not as fast when you are twenty one as when you are seven. The badminton courts are nice there too, I have discovered how to serve finally.

I have just had a crazy coursework time, I spent some time each day over Christmas doing it but ended up being up until half five the night before anyway. So this time I have already started things that are due in March and hope that I will be handing in early for the next lot. Do remember – a degree is a lot of hard work, even fluffy ones.

I may be a crazy person but for some reason when I watched the London Marathon last year I thought ‘I could do that!’. So I applied to be a Heart Runner, and now I am all set to run the Edinburgh Marathon for the British Heart Foundation. I have to do fundraising, so if you want to sponsor me, every little helps at www.justgiving.com/Emily-Luff. Sunday 22nd May 2011 is the big day.