Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Preparation for third year!

The main part of Clearing is over now and we are progressing onto the time of online registration when people are going to become fresher’s! Because I changed my course I got to be a fresher twice, that was lucky for me because the second time I has fresher’s flu all week. Now I am looking at embarking on the scariest bit of any degree, the last year; this being the year that gives you your classification and where you have to make all the moves to propel yourself into the world of work.

To prepare for my third year I have been reading the books from my reading list and deciding what graduate schemes, company programmes and postgraduate courses I am interested in applying for so I don’t miss any deadlines. I am particularly enjoying ‘Ideas for the Animated Short’ which is an easier read than ‘The Art and Science of Digital Compositing’ although both very interesting.

The film of this blog is Fright Night. Not one that I initially might have gone for, however I was very kindly given a free ticket by my friend as part of the Sky movies previews at Cineworld O2. I normally run in the opposite direction to horror films because of my overactive imagination that has left me sleeping with the light on for lesser things. However Fright Night isn’t really a horror film, it’s funny, and it’s funniest when David Tennant is on screen. Colin Farrell looks like he is enjoying his role, he has a way of looking like he is having a ball when he is a funny baddy, somewhat like when he was Bull’s-eye in Daredevil. The guy who plays the main character I have seen in ‘Fierce People’ and ‘Charlie Bartlett’ and although the first of those films was five years ago he looks almost exactly the same. Really good film that keeps you on the edge of your seat and also gives you a laugh at the same time.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Cars 2 and Captain America

Working in clearing over the summer is good, but it’s the evening and weekend activities that I look forward to the most. This week I saw two movies and I saw the show currently on at the Coliseum called ‘Napoletango’, which is a show you come out of wondering whether you thought it was good or just downright strange. However Bruce Forsyth and Antonio Carlucci (TV chef some people have never heard of and some people think is really famous) were there to see it.
So for the movie section, the viewing this week was Captain America. Possibly not one I would have been interested in if I did not know the people I do. It was a good, well put together, comprehensive film. I enjoyed it; it had many of my favourite British actors in it, a tiny bit from Richard Armitage (Robin Hood/Spooks/Vicar of Dibley) and Natalie Dormer (The Tudors). As well as Dominic Cooper (Mamma Mia) as Howard Stark and Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter (The Duchess)in more main roles. It is always nice when you see people who you have watched on British Television and the National Theatre stage progress to the big screen. Less British, but no less excellent small parts came from Stanley Tucci and Tommy Lee Jones. Stanley Tucci is one of those people is always in supporting roles but also nearly always makes a movie.

Anyway, actually about the film! It is another super hero origin movie but it’s not a cliché, it is set in the 1940s and the Captain’s super powers are due to medical science. It is also part of a “set”, the Marvel Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and Captain America films title characters will all be in The Avengers next year. I have seen all of these films and have to say I don’t think much of Hulk, Iron Man is all right, Captain America is good and solid but my favourite is probably Thor. Its humour and the impressiveness of the worlds of Asgaard and Jodenheim are what tip it on top for me.

I also saw Cars 2, as a digital animation student this was an interesting one for me. It was undoubtedly gorgeous with a lot impressive effects in terms of explosions and the scene with Finn McMissile. Being a Pixar film you would expect nothing less than the best animation around. In terms of story it’s about Mater not Lightning McQueen, however I felt the same about it as I did about Cars. It’s really good but other Pixar films are great. Look out for the adverts on the London race track that say ‘Lassetyre’ after director and overall genius John Lasseter. Absolutely go and see it, but as soon as it finishes run away because the song over the credits is awful.