Friday, 14 October 2011

Canterbury Anifest 2011

Well things have really hit the ground running and I have loads of work to do already! But in a good way, in that its work I am interested in and eager to get done and that’s the benefit of third year, there’s more work but it’s also more fun work to do. Having lots on my plate has meant I have not made it to the cinema in the last fortnight or just watched a film. My main viewing in moments away from university work are the DVD box sets of Friends (which to some people’s amazement I have never seen), The X Factor, Spooks and a bit of Strictly, so all guilty pleasure viewing to really give the old brain some time off.

Despite no movie viewing I have had a great weekend adventure to the Canterbury Animation Festival. I went last year and really enjoyed it so it was a must do this time around! And it was worth it because it was even better. There was a talk from Jim Parkyn, a senior model maker at Aardman Animations (who we all love for Wallace and Gromit) the talk was about the brilliant Creature Comforts. On the feedback form I asked for a talk on their new feature Pirates for next year, it looks great. There was also a talk from a character animator who worked on the dragon in Gringotts in Harry Potter and the Deathly hallows Part 2, which was excellent. There was also a screening of Coraline, and then a production talk where they showed all the different bits they had to animate for just one frame of one of the elaborate shots. Not only that, one of the animators from the film actually did some animation of a coralline puppet on stage!

After all of that excitement on Saturday, on Sunday we did a model making workshop with Jim Parkyn and also saw the screening of the British Short Animation finalists for the competition part of the festival. There were some gorgeous short films, the winner was Drawing Inspiration, which is a really feel good little film which is apparently available on YouTube so take a look.