Friday, 18 November 2011

Stage and Screen

With classes plus tours, miniature set building, project changing, project pitching, open days and dinners this has been one crazy packed week. Life is not looking to slow down either with four coursework deadlines in four weeks, not to mention Christmas coming up. The days are just disappearing, but I suppose time flies when you’re having fun.

Katy Perry on fireworks night was excellent. The show was huge and it was great fun to watch. She went on to win the EMA for Best Live Act the following night. I was particularly impressed with how many times she changed costume in ‘Hot and Cold’, it had to have been about ten. The last change being the most impressive as her dress changed as two buckets of glitter were thrown over her. Although if your sensitive about your younger child learning language, then perhaps avoid this show.

I have not been to the cinema since my last blog as I have been really busy. But there are a few films I am particularly looking forward to. The soonest one is Puss in Boots which comes out in December, as a lover of the Shrek series (and Old Spice adverts) this looks to be a really enjoyable film. After that my next pick is Pirates: A Band of Misfits, the next stop-motion offering from Aardman, the trailers make it look really funny and the animation is beautiful as ever. Last of all, anyone who loves CG animation will be dying to see Brave, it a long wait until August but Pixar’s first fairytale is definitely one to get excited about!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Real Steel ( easier to create in VFX than fur?)

I am still very much enjoying but also constantly trying to keep up with my third year at university. My final year project and most of my modules (and my short course at Central St Martin’s) are all turning out to be things I can really get my teeth into. I am really excited that by the end of the year and our Graduation Show that I will have myself at least one short film and hopefully a whole show reel under my belt. The highlight of next week looks to be an additional session with a senior compositor from the industry coming in to show us his show reel and advise us how to get into London’s post production industry, the second largest in the world.

My recent movie viewing consisted of Real Steel, not immediately my cup of tea, I don’t like fighting. However despite missing the impressive robot boxing matches because I was staring into my lap I found the film pretty enjoyable. My favourite Robot design was Metro from the ‘zoo’. Little boys may be hardly able to conceal their pleasure, and big boys will probably like it too. It has been said that the child actor is not irritating and I would concur. Although in my opinion if you really love your robot you are not going to send it to it’s almost certain death.

I am looking forward to this weekend although my work will start piling up I am going up to Derbyshire for the weekend to see Katy Perry in concert. A suitable activity for fireworks night I think! I may even be able to revisit Twycross zoo, it’s a lovely place but last time I went I didn’t get to see their adorable baby snow leopards. My love for cute furry animals is shameless.