Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Long awaited

Sorry for the hiatus, lots to deal with. That’s my movie part of the blog over with, so now onto other news. Coursework is completely over, which has left me feeling relieved and anxious at the same time. Now it’s all about choices of what to do next, but I’m very much looking forward to what the future may bring. I still feel that I may do a Masters degree (not this September – money!), but not completely sure.

I did get to see the Hunger Games with my sister and boyfriend. I was concerned, as previously reading the books, as is generally recognised, does not tend to improve a film. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the representation, it was a good adaptation. I hope to re-read the books soon and hope that the characters and places in my head will not be overtaken. It’s funny how films can affect you like that, that you may love a book but once the film comes out, you always picture the characters like the film. Sometimes that’s not preferable. My boyfriend can creep me out with his Peeta impression, if you haven’t seen it, I won’t spoil it for you, but those of you that have...“everyday…”stalker-ish, much?

I also saw the Avengers, which I (Surprise!) also really enjoyed. I previously mentioned my viewing of Captain America and Thor, I think that the Marvel Studios films are really good, and improving too. My favourite is still Thor however, perhaps it is the artistry of Asgard, or just that there’s more space for story with less characters involved. Bring on Thor 2 November ’13! My other half obviously loved ‘Avengers Assemble’, as he has seen it 9 or 10 times now. I have never seen a movie that many times. I still have only seen it once because of coursework, but hopefully would like to catch it again before it’s taken off the screens.

We also saw Dark Shadows, directed by Tim Burton and starring Johnny Depp (you may have guessed that part). To be honest it was a little bit disappointing, but still watchable. Maybe my expectations were too high, as I thought the trailer looked hilarious. I did enjoy it however, but won’t be rushing to pre-order the DVD, it’s visually a treat.

I also really enjoyed a trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tours, it is really in depth with loads to see and little video’s to watch on the digital guide. I also gave into temptation and bought a ‘fluffy’ stuffed toy that growls...
Hope you had a nice Jubilee weekend J