Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Have a Merry Christmas: Watch Some Comedy

Term has ended; the big coursework rush is over now it’s onto finishing off the shopping and wrapping lots of presents. In the midst of all this I went up to Derbyshire over the weekend, it was a bit of a weekend for comedy DVDs as I managed to fit in Tim Minchin - Ready For This?, Ricky Gervais - Science and Mock the Week - Too Hot for TV. This was not all I did over the weekend I went to Long Eaton for the first time and had a lovely Indian in Castle Donington. Nevertheless here goes with the comedy DVD reviews.

I liked the Tim Minchin DVD, but if you don’t like musical comedy you may find it annoying. And if you have any Christian or ‘hippy’ beliefs you may feel picked on. I particularly enjoyed songs like ‘If I didn’t have you’ and ‘bears don’t dance’. So this is worth a watch, and if you’re a funny song loving atheist you’ll love it.

Ricky Gervais Science is another one that picks on Christianity, so avoid if easily offended. However having not thought a great deal of Ricky Gervais apart from quite liking a couple of episodes of ‘Extras’ I was pleasantly surprised that I did find it quite amusing. The third mock the week DVD is great if you like Mock the Week, it’s basically just the bits they couldn’t broadcast. It’s good to watch because it’s more natural banter than it is on television.

I went to lunch with a friend today who I haven’t seen for a while and that is what I love about Christmas Holidays. I look forward to seeing more friends and family in the coming days. I would be looking even more forward to it if I had bought and wrapped them all gifts however the Christmas shopping continues. I particularly hope my aunty and uncle make it down from Scotland through the snow!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Review the Week

Well it seems like life is back to normal after everywhere being a winter wonderland. Luckily (some may not have felt so lucky) none of my classes were cancelled due to the bad weather. I am looking forward to the end of term now; there are so many things to do by that time. I have three major coursework deadlines and of course the general myriad of Christmas related events. Considering this the organisation of my Christmas shopping has deteriorated, not that it was that great to start with.

I had an impromptu outing to the O2 last week to see 30 Seconds to Mars; I had to fill in for someone else on the day. The support act was called Enter Shikari, I will honestly say I had never heard of them, and I don’t think that was a bad thing. Listening to them was positively painful, sorry if you are a fan. I liked 30 Seconds to Mars, who I only really knew for hits like “The Kill” and “Kings and Queens”. However my boyfriend, far more accustomed to live gigs and knowing all the songs said that the show did not live up to expectations with too much letting the audience sing (what did we pay you for?), to many long gaps between songs and rather a lot of swearing.

A more planned outing was going to see Frankie Boyle on Saturday. Why I ended up going, I’m not sure because when I was asked it started off with ‘Do you like Frankie Boyle?’ and my response was ‘No’. I can’t say the show changed my mind. In an hour and a quarter I probably laughed about three times (and I was not proud of it). The support act I enjoyed far more, his name was Craig Cambell. He is a hairy Canadian who has been in residence in the UK for twelve years. I had seen him before on one of the Stand Up shows, I think it was the Edinburgh Comedy Festival coverage, but I can’t be sure.

Good luck with keeping up with Christmas, I know I need it!