Friday, 25 February 2011

BAFTAs and Feeling the Burn

I have been writing a lot on the topic of cinema recently, and here I go again. I cannot help I am a animation and cinematography student on top of visiting the cinema being one of my favourite things to do. So I have finally seen the Kings Speech and it is very good, as I am sure many people are aware. I found it to be surprisingly funny, the air of light heartedness meaning that this film was not a heavy watch like it’s fellow nominee Black Swan.
I watched the whole of the BAFTA coverage the other day. I know they said The Kings Speech would win everything but it really did win every single thing it was nominated for. My special interest area was of course the animation; Toy Story 3 pipped the wonderful How to Train Your Dragon and my newest DVD Despicable Me to the post. I was pleased to see that The Eagleman Stag won the short animation prize as I had seen it as a finalist at the Canterbury Animation Festival in October (where it did not actually win anything, but it’s fellow BAFTA nominees did).

Off the topic of film I had a marathon training day last Saturday. As I have previously mentioned I am going to be running the Edinburgh Marathon on May 22nd for the British Heart Foundation. I spent the whole of Saturday, running, stretching and getting many pieces of good advice on everything from fundraising to injury prevention to marathon etiquette. I now have a laid out plan to organise what has been my adhoc collection of four mile jogs, cross training and badminton sessions that I have been calling my training. Finally, last but not least do not forget for some support, anything is appreciated.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Go and See

I can hardly believe I still have not seen The Kings Speech! However I did make it to Black Swan and also the new Disney film Tangled. I have lots of fun things coming up too, on Thursday I am seeing Punt and Dennis (i.e. The Now Show, Mock the Week, Outnumbered etc.), I am also seeing Russell Howard and the band Lifehouse this month so I am very excited.

Tangled is a 3D animation film by Disney but not Pixar, and is apparently going to be the last Disney ‘classic’ movie. By this I presume they mean the fairytale based kind where people sporadically burst into song. But never mind all of that, this film is brilliant, the best and by far the funniest Disney film I have ever seen. Although a lot of these films stick in our hearts, this film makes it possible to think that they stopped just because they were not sure they could do any better. I want to go and see this one again!

Black Swan is quite the departure from Tangled and if you are a wimp like me can be confusing and disturbing at times. However it is also very clever at depicting the mental breakdown that the main character undergoes because of the pressure her new role as the swan queen puts on her. However it is not too shocking as this begins relatively quickly and it appears that her mind was fragile to start with. The end has a lot of elegance although you are sad that somebody so talented cannot keep their mind together to enjoy their success.

It may seem like I do very little but watch films; obviously this is a large part of my life as my degree is in Digital Animation and Production. However I have also been getting busy with marathon training and I have to think up some fundraising ideas very soon!