Sunday, 29 May 2011


My second year of university is finally and completely over. Big sigh. So naturally I have bought a reading list book for my first essay next year and started thinking about how best to prepare. I will also spend my summer working for the university in Clearing. It will be my third summer spent doing this but at the moment university entry changes so much that it has never been boring. It is a chance to get really good work experience dealing with people in stressed situations and an environment where information is rapidly changing.

I am looking forward to having a holiday. However I am concerned that my wonderful plans will be scuppered by the ash cloud like so many flights were a few months ago. Big kid that I am, I am extremely excited about doing the theme park thing in Orlando then the sightseeing thing in New York. I have been to the USA once before but only on a jaunt around the Mid-West, the biggest stop being Chicago.

While I am out in Orlando I will probably see a NBA finals game. Both the two playoff rounds and the conference championships have taken place. The Dallas Mavericks won the Western conference and the Miami Heat won the Eastern conference so they will now go head to head for the NBA Championship.

The Marathon I have mentioned a few times is now over. Ouch. There are lovely views on the course in Edinburgh and lots of friendly people. I had never been to Edinburgh before (Aberdeen being my Scottish city of choice) and can confirm like so many others before me that it is very lovely. There is still time to support the British Heart Foundation at I promise that’s the last time I will write that. Many thanks for the great generosity and help I have received from all of those who have supported me.

Monday, 9 May 2011

End of Term

Term is winding down now; I have just come out of the other side of two crazy coursework weeks. By that I mean nights with no sleep, computers having technical faults and too much running around. In my previous blog I mentioned the NBA playoffs; the second round has started now, so there are only four teams left in each conference. Recently Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls (the same team as Michael Jordan) won Most Valuable Player and their coach Tom Thibadeou got Coach of the Year.

I don’t know so much about comics but my sister and boyfriend do, so he was very excited when my sister bought us all preview tickets to see Thor. If you haven’t heard of him apart from that he has a movie out, Thor is the Norse God of thunder that is friends with characters like the incredible Hulk, Iron Man and Captain America. This film introduces him, his hammer, the home of the Nordic gods Asgard and his naughty brother Loki who it looks like might feature in more super hero marvel movies to come. It’s a nicely put together film by director Kenneth Brannagh and its good fun with some funny moments; you don’t have to know things about the stories to appreciate it. However if you do have a penchant for a comic books you might not notice the billboard or know that Jeremy Renner’s character with a bow and arrow is Hawkeye a member of the upcoming Avengers movie.

At this time of the year I like looking forward to the summer and also making sure I am ready and prepared for what next year will bring. But at the moment I am still thinking about immediate pressures as it is not all over, I still have the marathon to come. So for the last time I will say, pretty please, every little helps at Also, many thanks to Bryony who helped me with my fundraising, by organising a cake sale at the Bocking Mayday fair.