Friday, 13 April 2012

Easter Holiday?

It has been an Easter Holiday full of not so much holidaying. I am trying to get all of my coursework done, but have come up against hindrances. I look silly with braces on my wrists because I started getting painful arms due to all the time I was spending on the computer, something I really can’t help at the moment. My one excursion has been to see Pirates, the new Aardman film. Hey, it’s only 90 minutes and my arms needed a rest. Also, being an animation student is a constant reason to pass off movies as a degree related pastime.

I have finished The Hunger Games trilogy, and hope to see the first film tomorrow (this can be passed off as work because I do a VFX module). I lost momentum a bit whilst reading the second book, but it is worth it because the third one is excellent, and was even really funny at times. I had one of those wonderful times when you completely lose yourself in the end of a book and resurface wondering what just happened. The previous day I used it to inspire productive coursework creation by having to do 30 minutes hard work between chapters.

Perhaps in a couple of months I will have to do another more in depth review, because I really did enjoy the books, I am just frightened of spoiling people! At least it is obvious that my next blog will mention the movie. Now, I have to get back to my coursework, final project is due in less than two weeks!
I had lots of fun a little while ago trying out some new things and designing some owl logos for the Q&A blog. You can take a look here