Friday, 9 March 2012

Water and Work

I am having a crazy few weeks at the moment. A lot of work to do with my modules, two going okay, one I am just not very good at and my project is erring on disaster. Help. On top of that I work two days a week for the university (this is not a moan). I chose to do the work and I enjoy it, I am simply feeling the pressure at the moment. I have told most of my friends and family that they should basically pretend I don’t exist until the 11th of May! I am due to go on the Harry Potter Studio Tour on Saturday 12th, the day after my last deadline. I imagine a shiny and amazing day full of relaxation and enjoyment, but obviously I will only be able to enjoy it if I am proud of the work I have done!

I find that in times of increased work pressure I tend to develop an extraordinary interest in something I have never previously cared about. At the end of December when I had four deadlines in one week it was Investments and Trading. I took up a suggestion from the book ‘The Naked Trader’ and started paper trading (i.e. pretending). But I am pleased to say that I am currently up a fictional 24.2% since I started it two and a half months ago. Not bad, but most likely a case of beginners luck (and of course not real). In any case – a bad procrastination habit (even if I may make better use of my ISA allowance in the future).

My drama of the week was that my bath tap broke so the water in the flat had to be turned off until a new tap was installed as otherwise it would just keep on running. Not incredibly fun, however it will be a while before I take running water and toilet flushing for granted again!

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