Monday, 26 March 2012

Fiction Helps Me With My Perspective...

I have not been to the cinema recently and probably won’t again for a little while. I have so much coursework to do; I am looking forward to the Easter holidays when I can really get down to getting it all done. So instead I will share what I am looking forward to when it’s all done.

I have recently tried to stop my habit of watching TV whilst trying to do my work, for obvious reasons. I have also rinsed my Harry Potter audio books and have to be in the right mood to be able to bear the silliness of Twilight (my other audio book collection). Original taste I know. So I bought myself ‘The Hunger Games’, my first audio book purchase in a while. It is a very good book, although the dystopian nature of the world can at times be disturbing. But if you have twenty four teenagers fighting to the death, it’s never going to be a bundle of laughs. I am dying to see the film which is said to be very faithful to the book and I can see how it would translate well on screen.  It is out today but unfortunately I will have to wait until I have the time. At least I will not be in fear of spoilers!

When all my coursework is over I am excited about getting down to reading my ‘art of’ books that I collected over Christmas and my birthday. I also hope to waste some time playing the Sims 3 Pets. I will also have to sort out all my stuff because I will presumably be on the move, back to my parents and then who knows where. But I need to have fewer things because my parents miss me, but not my stuff.

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